“No bake cakes” is a book with good and simple recipes free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar designed for author Almira Kuzelj. For Almira healthy cooking is some sort of skill or obsession. So she decided to collect all her favorite recipes to represent her café and also to give the opportunity to make your first raw cake or find something that suits you.


Each food photography styled in traditional way to make outlook for newbies in raw kitchen usual as an everyday life routine. The bold aesthetic and clear visual hierarchy paired with the photo spreads highlights the taste and encourages readers to indulge their self.


Book design was developed in a team with photographer, author, retoucher and publisher. Circulation of the book, published by “ISABERG FÖRLAG” reaches 500 copies.





idea, TEXT:  Almira Kuzelj
Art direction, photo & set design:  Julia Nesterenko
typography, cover DESIGN and book layout: Elena Nesterenko
RETOUCH: Olesia Kara

PUBLISHER:  Isaberg förlag