APC "Prigorodny" (СПК "Пригородный"- rus.) private cheese manufacture with handcraft production, focused on the high quality and excellent taste and smell of the products that will be remembered.


Agricultural Production Cooperative "Prigorodny" - private and independent farm, specialized in selling cheese, vegetable, and other handmade food products in simple packaging without branding from its own producers. 

APC needed a brand identity and packaging for a special category that would be sophisticated enough to appeal to the tastes of cheese and milk products, which would be presented as a gift to special clients and business partners. 


The concept of wooden and ceramics packaging based on natural cheeses shape. A round shape makes salting and aging more uniform and depicts local tradition. Packaging has been designed for premium segment cheeses, therefore created in dark colors to use the contrast between product and packaging and to highlight it.


Both pieces, wooden and ceramic, have the same general shapes but different types and systems of connection cases and covers.


3D renders.




art direction, logo, graphic: goryanin brothers

packaging design, guide, set design: ELENA NESTERENKO